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Stemming from numerous previous bands and originating in Malmö, Sweden, early attempts in the  form of various collaborations between F.S. (lead guitar), R.M. (drums) and Dr. Häll (vocals) were  seeing the light of day, and the band eventually took permanent shape as GRAND HARVEST around  2017 following the addition of M.G. (Guitars, R.I.P 1979-2018) and N.N. (bass guitar). In late 2018,  A.L. stepped in to take over guitar duties after M.G.’s passing.
The band recorded a five track EP in May 2018, although they decided to not release it and instead  focus on further refining the material. Work on their debut album started in 2019, along with trying  out the material in front of a live audience, to date the band has shared stages with Necrophobic, Sinmara, Svartidauði, Voodus etc. as well as toured with Mayhem. This was notably picked up by Martin Carlsson, editor of Sweden Rock Magazine (arguably the biggest metal magazine in Sweden at the time) who mentioned  them in a major Swedish podcast as “the most underrated Swedish metal band at the moment”.

Their debut album “Consummatum Est” was released by the band on March 25, 2022. The album is mixed by Tore Stjerna at NBS/Necromorbus and promises to be one of the great metal releases of 2022. They are also heavily pursuing doing more live  performances.


GRAND HARVEST aims to create dark and misanthropic death/doom metal with hints of black metal and with epic/atmospheric  elements, with very clear ties to  the past but with an additional heavy element and with darker subject matters — A  steady mix of old-school primitivity, ethereal dreamscapes, and esoteric sermons.. It is a true collective  effort, with all band members contributing to the song writing.
The lyrics—stemming from the thoughts and revelations of singer and lyricist Dr. Häll—reflect a deep  resentment of the misery and tyranny congenital to sentient Being in general, and humanity in  particular. A Luciferian gnosis of Death, cast in the language of mystical eschatology, personal trials,  and a peculiar brand of misanthropic empathy, led to a certain lyrical main theme: the blissful end of  all things. The spirit and philosophy informing the lyrics permeate the very essence of the music and  the perfect vessel to complete the entity that is GRAND HARVEST—a means to and end, the  definitive end.


Dr. Häll – Vocals
F.S. – Guitar
A.L. – Guitar
N.N. – Bass, Choir
R.M. – Drums

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Album reactions(1)